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Let us Come to You
Looking for interesting events for your group or club? One of our H.J. Benken experts can come to you. From landscaping basics to lawn care, our professional staff teaches and will come to your group. Just give us a call, tell us what you'd like to learn, and we'll do the rest.

Daytime Programs presented ON-Site are:

  • Lecture: $150.00 (1 hour presentation use of Ed Center for Lunch/Meeting)
  • Workshop $200.00 plus materials (includes Ed Center for Lunch/Meeting)

Daytime Programs presented OFF-Site programs are:

  • Lecture: $150.00 (1 hour presentation)
  • Workshop $200.00 plus materials (1 hour workshop or less)

After Hours Programs presented On/Off Site are:

  • Lecture: $200.00 (1 hour plus use of Ed Center for Dinner/Meeting MAX-2hrs)
  • Workshop $200.00 plus materials (1 hour workshop or less)

Lots of fun and always informative. Call us today at 891-1040!